I'm seriously more interested in Observability now that I know what it really is...

At Cisco Live this year I talked to at length about what it really is.  The name kinda threw me.  Essentially the advanced version sounds like most all of the Orion modules in one installer with totally rebuilt database architecture and underlying system.  This isn't SAAS (today) and yes you can install it on an isolated network without any public cloud involved.  I'm interested in seeing it in action on one of my little networks to help with 800-53 security controls and using the tools to help secure the network.  When you have to configure a large number of network devices and follow the "continuous monitoring" doctrine this seems like a great opportunity to apply everything in synergy together.  I'm excited to see what this can do versus Orion and some modules.


  • I think a lot of the changes that SolarWinds have brought in over the years are all really good in a vacuum, but seem to fall down based on the same principle of 'change is scary'.

    A great example of this is the SAM node based license change from component based a couple of years ago. Customers were essentially only using 1 or 2 components to monitor each server in a way to "stretch" their license out as much as possible, completely missing the fact that you can't effectively monitor a server and application with only 2 monitors. They completely ignored their own monitoring requirements in order to "game the system".

    I see the legacy Orion licensing as very similar to this too. One of the ways I feel it'll benefit customers is by removing the element based licensing from NPM, and allow customers to monitor more interfaces that may be beneficial, rather than picking and choosing only the critical ones. Similarly customers have been choosing to completely ignore advanced metrics from devices because "it's cheaper just to ping them" and  I want Hybrid Cloud Observability to usher in the era of "Monitoring Depth" over the "Monitoring Breadth" that is currently pervasive across the industry. 

  • SAM can get expensive.  I have two SLX licenses which helps but I totally agree with your comment about how components were... you really need unlimited components to do a lot with SAM.