What We’re Working On for Hybrid Cloud Observability and the Network and Infrastructure Modules [Updated: APR-2023]

With the 2023.2 release of the SolarWinds® Platform and its products now available, it’s time to look to the future and see what’s next. Please note the order doesn’t indicate priority.

SolarWinds Platform

  • Connecting SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability with SolarWinds Observability software as a service (SaaS) solutions
  • Improve Intelligent Maps (formerly Orion Maps) including migration from Network Atlas. See more here.
  • Continuing improvements to the API to provide additional credential management
  • Improvements to upgrades, performance, and security

Hybrid Cloud Observability 

  • Improved cloud discovery and monitoring
  • Enhance alerting threshold with machine learning (AIOps)
  • Add support for Google Cloud Platform discovery and monitoring
  • Cloud cost tracking

Hybrid Cloud Observability, Network and Infrastructure Modules 

  • SD-WAN vEdge visibility for the most popular SD-WAN vendors (Network Performance Monitor, NetFlow Traffic Analyzer, Network Automation Manager)
  • Policy engine editor (Server Configuration Monitor) 
  • Ability to view config differences between two servers (Server Configuration Monitor)
  • New modern dashboard for log data (Log Analyzer)
  • Improved API monitoring (Server & Application Monitor)
  • Add support for hardware health, network configuration data and log data in Enterprise Operations Console

Give Us Feedback

You ask, we listen. Many of the top features we develop are generated through your participation in user sessions and your votes in the Feature Requests forum. Thank you for your valuable feedback.

The SolarWinds Product Team

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