How to build Dynamic Query with Groups?

I made a group named "ALL NYC" and want to add in it all other groups with name pattern "NYC%".
So I'm trying to create a Dynamic Query with these parameters:

Orion ObjectisContainer
Namebegins withNYC

I have a lot of "NYC%" groups (for example "NYC DHCP", "NYC DA", etc.)
But i'm getting:

Preview of Orion objects in dynamic query object:

This query doesn't contain any objects...

Why? How to build Dynamic Query with Groups?

Tested on 2019.4 and RC - same behavior.

  • In this case, "Container" refers to Docker containers, not the Orion.Container entity (aka Groups). Your dynamic query is looking for Docker containers, which is why it doesn't find any of your groups.

  • Unfortunately, you can't build a dynamic query to populate a group the way you want. However, you can use the SWQL query below to collect the contents of all of your NYC% groups. Then, you can use this query to populate a custom query or custom table resource.

    select FullName
    , Status
    , DetailsUrl as _LinkFor_FullName
    , ContainerMembers.Container.Name as ContainerName
    from Orion.ContainerMembers
    where ContainerMembers.Container.Name like 'NYC%'
    order by FullName