Another COVID-19 Casualty - My Job!

Well, folks, got "the call" this morning that, because of multiple "Black Swan" events to hit the Oil & Gas industry and effective immediately, I was terminated from my company this morning.  So, what does that mean for me?  Well, certainly a different morning than I was expecting for sure but I'm going to persevere and come out on top!

I wanted to let everyone know because I feel like this is a good place and that folks really do care.  I don't plan on leaving THWACK - ya'll been too good to me for me to do that - so I'll still be harassing everyone with earworms and snide comments and the like.

Also, I will keep everyone updated on what's going on.  I figure with COVID-19 and all, the job market is probably tough right now but I know something will come up soon.

Anyway, as the song goes, "Don't cry for me, Argentina"...I truly believe that when God closes a door, He opens a window.  Now, if I could just find the light switch so I could see the darned window!  HAHAHA!

Keep being safe, THWACKsters.  We all will get through this!