VMware vs. Microsoft: Management tools face off

With System Center 2012, Microsoft is taking off the gloves when it comes to data center and virtualization management and automation.  Between adding new products under the “System Center” moniker and combining every product into a single software suite, Microsoft is not hiding its desire to own the desktop, the management layer of the data center and the cloud.  Microsoft’s tagline for the product: “Manage your cloud, datacenter, desktops, and devices.”
VMware, meanwhile, has its vCloud Director product, which carries the tagline “Deliver infrastructure as a service without compromise.”  vCloud Director promises to ease service provisioning, improve security and enable multi-tenancy, a must for any service provider.
Both products provide some semblance of direct user interaction through service portals as well. Personally, I’m a huge fan of self-service solutions; anything that a user can accomplish for himself is something that IT doesn’t need to worry about.
I’m intentionally not going into deep technical detail about either VMware or Microsoft’s latest management offerings, but I am here to ask a question: Who do you think will “win” the management suite battle?  Both companies claim – to an extent – that they can manage each other’s wares but there is both overlap and gap when it comes to features between the two suites.  Do you buy it?  What do you think about Microsoft’s bundling of the System Center components?