Managed Alerts for All Unacknowledged Alerts/Active Alerts-Not Acknowledged View

Hello! I was working with Solar Winds support trying to figure out a way to setup a scheduled alert based off of our technical command center active alerts-not acknowledged/all unacknowledged alerts. They mentioned that is not possible however, they were able to assist me with a scheduled report that snap shot that view and can send it via emails.

It would be nice to have a canned alert option that could do that.

  • Sorry I'm not following exactly what you are asking for? There is a LOT of capability in custom SWQL to get your alerts sliced up any way you can dream of so saying it's not possible is probably a bit extreme. If you could you post an image or something of how you think you want this laid out there is a fair chance that someone in the community already has something pretty close to offer as a starting point.