Outlook 2010 Shared Calendar Search Not Working: Fixed

Issue Description: Manager A has shared their calendar with Employee B.  Employee B can view and edit the shared calendar, but is no longer able to search the contents.
Key Designation: When only the shared calendar is selected, the search box will contain the text "Search All Calendar Items (Ctrl + E).


  1. Select only the shared calendar.
  2. Place cursor in the search box. The Search tab(ribbon bar) will become active.
  3. From the options section of the ribbon, click on "Search Tools", and select "Search Options"
  4. Under the Results section you should find the "All results" radio button selected.  Change this to "Current folder"
  5. You may need to navigate to another calendar to see the effects.
  6. When resolved, the text in the search box should read "Search USERNAME - Calendar (Ctrl + E)"