Create a description page for each node

We would like to add a description page for each monitored node, that contains following info:

  • System location
  • Alert response plans. Somthing like, for Exchange server, log a call to Windows team...
  • Backup details

What will be the best way to create and present this description page? We are thinking to host a Sharepoint site on the Orion server and create a link on each node to a page in the WSS. 

  • I suspect you're looking at something like creating Custom Properties which will contain the information you want in the description.

    By default, SolarWinds shows the Custom Properties for a node in the Node Details page (you can select which Custom Properties are displayed.)

    Alternatively, you could write an Inventory Report and add the relevant Custom Properties to it, then create a link to that report or create a new View on which you will show the Report as a Resource.

    Hope that gives you some ideas. Feel free to drop me a line if you want any further help (although probably best to follow up on here so that others can benefit too!)