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over 1 year ago

Orion initiated connection/communication to the EOC

When connecting an EOC to an Orion platform, add an option such that the connection/communication is initiated from the Orion platform to the EOC.  This allows deployments in environments adhering to the Purdue security model to stay compliant using the security principle of "writing up, and reading down".  That way if the Orion server is in a more secure zone (based on the Purdue security model) the conversation will be initiated from the more secure zone and comply with the higher security posture.

  • marcnetterfield​ is 100% correct/ accurate in his statement. 

  • EOC doesn't really write anything nor does it have anything significant in it's database, it just retains the basics for the views, user management, and credentials to access the attached Orion instances.  As you load each page and widget it queries the relevant Orion instances for just the data that is needed in that moment, so without a request being initiated by the EOC you would have to change to a model where the Orion instances preemptively push all possible data toward EOC and EOC stores it and then displays the local copy.  That type of model was ditched when they did the EOC 2.0 rebuild because it turned out to be really non-performant. 

    Not to bash the idea, just saying it was tried, and abandoned with a full re-write of the product once already so I wouldn't anticipate them going back any time soon.