over 1 year ago

Class: "Taking on an Existing Orion Implementation: Where to get Started"

This isn't a request for a feature, so much as it is a request for a specific class tailored to those of us who are tasked with taking on management of an existing Orion deployment.   The Orion platform and it's many modules can be daunting to a beginner, and taking over a deployment that was done by someone else can be a challenge even to a person experienced with Orion.   Some guidance would be helpful on:

     - What are the reports you should run first to get a handle of your overall deployment

     - How to determine the overall health of the implementation

     - What signs to look for that might indicate that Orion wasn't set up or used properly

     - What are the most common missteps in Orion deployments and how to see if it applies to you

     - What are the best questions to ask your team to determine if you're monitoring and alerting on the right things

These are, of course just suggestions, but I think that there would be a real world interest in a course like this.

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  • This is all great information, and I'm so glad that there will be a session regarding this at THWACKcamp!   I can't wait to see it.   Thank you for all of this info!  I wish I had all of this when I was getting started with SolarWinds back in January, but it's still great to have now.