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Enterprise Operations Console 2.0 RC Now Available!!

I’m pleased to announce that the SolarWindsRegistered Enterprise Operations Console 2.0 RC is now available!

Once you’re ready to install, you can find the RC available to download in your customer portal!

  • New server request will take some time and cost to get all approved. Is trying to install on old server a bad idea? It's windows 2012 r2

  • Not necessarily.  EOC 2.0 certainly supports Windows 2012R2.  If it is a VM, can you wipe it and start fresh?  If it is a physical box, you may want to do more than just opening Add/Remove programs and uninstalling the product.  I might suggest looking for and removing similar files such as the following:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\SolarWinds



    Delete the app pool and old website.

    Remove any old versions of SQL Express if you were running that before as well.  EOC 2.0 will install SQL 2016 express by default. 

    Restart the system and try to run the RC2 installer again as local admin. 

    The installer should run pre-flight checks and detect if there are any issues.  If you continue to have problems, you still may be able to collect diagnostics and I can have my team take a look.

    Keep me posted.

  • I installed EOC 2.0 RC and like the look and feel of it!

    A few observations:

    - RC installed with local SQL server - was not prompted during install to select any other database server

    - Installed with IIS Windows Authentication enabled - yet in the install wizard Windows Authentication was unchecked

    - Main landing page (viewID=12) Enterprise Environment-Summary has no customize option. When I look in Manage Views and Edit it, it shows no resources

    - Noticed that the SolarWinds Syslog and Trap services are stopped (and won't start) - typical for an expired license yet this is an evaluation and shows 30 days remaining

    - Created new view and added 'Polling Engine Status' and saw Last Database Update read 1060662741 minutes (probably related to above)

  • Thank you for the feedback sotherls.  For now we probably need to route this discussion to the RC Forum, and I can provide you feedback. 

  • Any plan to add Service Now integration to this new version of eoc? Or just show the Service Now tickets in eoc polled by other NPM Solarwinds sites ? Currently I'm not seeing that feature.


  • Yes, this is something that I would like to see make its way into the Enterprise Operations Console.  It is going to involve a number of changes, but this is being investigated and we hope to have something for you in the future.  .