I’m pleased to announce that the SolarWindsRegistered Enterprise Operations Console 2.1 Release Candidate is now available.

You can find the Release Candidate in your Customer Portal​ or through the RC forum.  The Release Candidate (RC) is fully supported and includes several new features.

Enterprise Operations Console 2.1 New Features and Improvements

  • Improved and Updated UI: EOC 2.1 has improved the Enterprise Environment Summary to allow for additional flexibility when customizing views, and unique controls for on-demand filtering. Examples include OrionRegistered Site Status, Site Filter, and Enterprise Nodes widgets.
  • Enterprise Summary Tile Enhancements: These tiles are now individual widgets and include an Advanced Entity Filter. This allows users to take advantage of unique and granular filtering controls, without the need to understand SWQL.
  • Enterprise Top 10 and Groups: Two new views have been added to EOC 2.1. To provide users with quick insight into critical status, problem areas, and hotspots, the Enterprise Top 10 page was provided out-of-the-box. The Enterprise Groups view lets users pinpoint group status, alerts, and events from all configured groups across their deployments.
  • New PerfStackTm Widgets in EOC: With the addition of the PerfStack dashboard, EOC users now have the ability to troubleshoot and correlate metrics across your entire distributed environment from a single console. PerfStack widgets allow for saved projects to be displayed alongside other resources on any dashboard.   

We want to hear how your upgrade went and what you think of the new features and functions. One of the best ways to give feedback, or ask for help during the RC, is on our Enterprise Operations Console 2.1 RC Forum on THWACKRegistered.

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