Using the MS Domain

Is there a way to configure the EOC so it won't require MicroSoft Domain accounts and credentials?

  • You can either use a domain, or you can create a user on the EOC server.  Then use the EOC server as the domain.

  • The manual does not exactly say that. I will try it tomorrow. Thanks.

    Adding Orion EOC User Accounts

    Orion EOC takes advantage of Windows Active Directory credential security. Only users with a Windows credential on a domain accessible by the Orion EOC server can be granted access to the Orion EOC web console.

    To find and add Windows Active Directory accounts to Orion EOC:

    1. Log on to the Orion EOC Web Console as an administrator.

    2. Click Settings.

    3. Click Add Users.

    4. Complete the following procedure to find Windows Active Directory accounts to add as Orion EOC user accounts:

    a. Type a portion of the account name in the User name to Search for field to narrow the search.

    b. Type the domain to which this account belongs in the Domain to search in field.

    c. Type a user name and password that has access to this domain in the User Name and Password fields.

    d. Click Search.

    5. Click Select next to a credential to add the credential to the list of Windows users to be imported.
  • I will submit a defect for the documentation to be fixed.  Thanks for pointing that out.

  • I created a user on the EOC server. Logging in this way is hit or miss, mostly miss. I can try to log in 5 times and I might get in once. It's not me mistyping the user/pass combo as I have copied and pasted it from a text file several times with mixed results.

  • When you say you can not login, what happens?

  • The system redisplays the username with the ip address prepeneded to it. O rebooted the system and it seems to be working better now. You just gotta love those reboots. emoticons_sad.png Also, we have a multi-level MS Domain system (top level with about a zillion subdomains) Our EOC is in one domain while the users are in several others. When logging in or adding users you have to include the domain information in from of all usernames. Well most the time, it's trial and error.