EOC - Site Status (swql)

Just a quick widget to get the status of a site (other NPMs)  from EOC.


concat('<img src="/orion/images/statusicons/Small-',si.StatusName,'.gif"></>',
'<a href="',Website,'">',s.name,'</>') as [Site]

--,s.Enabled as [Enabled]
,case when s.enabled=1 then '<img src="/Orion/images/StatusIcons/Small-Up.gif"></>Enabled'
else '<img src="/Orion/images/StatusIcons/Small-Down.gif"></>Not Enabled' end as [Enabled]
,s.StatusDescription as [Site Description]
--TOP 1000 EocSiteID, SiteID, Name, Host, Website, Status, StatusDescription, Enabled, DisplayName, Description, InstanceType, Uri, InstanceSiteId
FROM Orion.EOC.Sites s
join orion.StatusInfo si on si.StatusId=s.Status

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