EOC Custom Summary

Hey guys,

     I am trying to understand how this works and I thought I had it but after testing it out it didnt work as expected.   The EOC Summary screen with all the tiles.   Everyone has the same shared summary screen by default.   So I went and created a second set of menus and tied that to a group of users.   However now it looks like that group of users all have their own individual EOC Summary.   What I am trying to accomplish is to have an EOC Summary assigned to the NOC,  a separate one with different tiles assigned to everyone in the ECOMM team,  and a third one with yet another set of tiles assigned to the design team.   Can someone help me understand how this works?

  • mivy00​ I assume you are leveraging AD Groups and wish to have all members of that group, have the same view?  Currently as you described, the 2.0 release is utilizing a framework that forces/ or allows, which ever way you view it, each user to have a unique view.  While offering flexibility, it really offers too much flexibility, and makes customizing views in bulk impossible.  This has been addressed in the upcoming 2.1 release and we hope to have this available soon.  The new behavior would be much more similar to a standard Orion Instance.  This was discussed in the 2.1 beta post as well if you are able to view that doc for additional details.  If you have any further questions, I am happy to chat.