Different time zone in the EOC and NPM server

Hi All,

Can i ask what error or issue if i have NPM and EOC server in the difference timezone.

my NPM server and the DB is on GMT+7 and GMT+8

the EOC server and the DB is on GMT+8

can I still integrate the NPM to my EOC?

if i can do the integration, then what is the Error or Issue (i see in the admin guide just says because security reason)

or EOC will just reject the integration because the timezone is different?

or any body have the solution for this issue?

Thanks and Regards,

Bun Fie

  • I hadn't heard that EOC & NPM couldn't be in different timezones, but it makes sense: the former is trying to aggregate information from the latter and needs to have a consistent time frame. What's the need for having them different? Maybe that's something we can work around with custom properties.

  • Hi Steven,

    Thanks for the reply,

    Actualy i already create ticket for this issue and solarwinds support already says the server must in the same time zone.

    But now i want to know what is the error or issue in this integration.

    I read about this issue on the EOC admin guide.

    If i still using EOC that have different time zone what issue will I have..

    Btw what I need is..

    We have 4 NPM in our site office with GMT+8 time zone, of course the DB server is in the GMT+8 to.

    Then we have 1 NPM server and the DB in the GMT+7

    Also the EOC server in the GMT+7 in our Head office

    (Sorry for wrong data in the first question but our EOC is on the GMT+7)

    So I need to have the EOC to consolidate all of Our NPM server.

    But the problem is now we just know that EOC cannot have the timezone different will the NPM.(the solarwinds sales rep not tell us this info before)

    So what is the error or issue that we may have in this environment?

    And do any body have any solution?

  • Rather than focusing on changing the time zone of the EOC or NPM servers to make them match, why not create a custom property with the UTC offset so you can leverage it in your reporting?

  • Hi Steven,

    can you share how to create a custom property with the UTC?

    also i check my alert show that a device still down in EOC meanwhile in the site the device already up.

    and the alert time is different in the EOC and NPM


  • Hi there, sure - you can create a custom property of type float and put the offset in there. For example, -8 for PST, -6 for CST, etc. By using float you can accommodate locations that a half-hour time difference as well. Then when you create your reports, you can start with the UTC version of the date time stamp, add the offset from the custom property, and you've got yourself a normalized timestamp no matter where the node is.

  • Hello..can you forward a sample report structure using the UTC & offset from custom property as an example.  I have several nodes in different timezones and I need to report on their average & max utilization during their 9-5 business hours. If my Orion servers are in Central timezone and I dont use custom property for offset and I have to report on a site in PST timezone does that mean solarwinds will return metrics for 7am - 3pm central which would be incorrect data. Also, do you need to change offsets for daylight savings time? Appreciate your feedback..