When does EOC have the problem to store module results?


at our EOC I receive the following message.

There is a problem storing SolarWinds Server (Core) module results from the <SERVER XYZ> SolarWinds Server. For additional information, see KB4125.

The KB article wasn't helpful.

Unfortunately there is no hint when the problem appears. Is there any other log file where I can found the reason for this message?

BR NetJoerg

  • Hi,

    I guess the problem appears multiple times during the day. It seems to depend of the high amount of SNMP traps we are receiving on one of our NPM systems. I started to reconfigure the network devices to reduce the amount of SNMP traps. I hope it will help.

    BR NetJoerg

  • I have a similar issue with SAM results; a recurring error that will temporarily go away after running the DB config tool on the EOC server.

    We have plenty of space on the EOC database and plenty of system resources available, so the problem may be with EOC being unable to pull data from the NPM servers and write it back out to the EOC database in a timely fashion.

    Another issue may be that the SAM or SNMP data may be incompatible with the field EOC is attempting to write to in its DB... Opening yet another support ticket on this, since it happens about every 2 months and is never really resolved... WHERE IS THE WORKING VERSION OF EOC PLEASE?

  • Hi,

    What version of EOC are you on and have you filed a case for this specific problem? 

    Definitely would like to chat with you about this problem and EOC in general.


  • I'm running 1.6.1 at this time... waiting for the new one like everyone else.