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Understanding EOC


I was hoping somebody can help with questions about Enterprise Operations Console.

Currently SolarWinds NPM shows a maximum element limit at 100k (1 Orion Server * 9 APE with 10k elements each), if setup using EOC does that mean I can potentially run 3 separate NPM instances up to 300k elements (100k for each instance) and manage them from logging into one site?

On SolarWinds product site it lists EOC with a cost, is that cost just for using the EOC which ties together each instance? For my example I assume I would also need to purchase 3 primary polling engines, 27 additional polling engine licenses and 3 Orion Database licenses. Is this correct?

  • Morning,

    Yes, EOC allows you to aggregate data from multiple NPM instances into a single screen.  However, it is very rudimentary, only shows certain information and statistics before you will have to link to the NPM server directly to drill down the info you need.  EOC has not been updated for some time and also does not have the same GUI as the latest NPM releases. 

    EOC is just the cost of the software to view all of your NPM instances.  From your shopping list:

          3 primary polling engines, 27 additional polling engine licenses and 3 Orion Database licenses, 1 EOC license

    SolarWinds also advises against running NPM and EOC on the same server, so consider any Windows or SQL licensing needed into the cost.

    If EOC does not get an overhaul in the next few months, we will not be renewing it. 

  • That's what we're working on for v2 (complete re-do in order to give our users better tool how to correlate all the information from remote Orion sites). Our latest beta is out right now to try/see: Latest EOC v2 beta ready for test

  • Yes we see it on our renewal quote and will be removing it. I see no point of program at all. Why look into EOC when you cant make edit inside of it. You still have to go to NPM in question to make a change. Looking back at previous quotes there is alot of stuff "throwed in" we didn't need. I blame the sales reps that don't know anything but selling product. Solarwinds reps are bad as car salesmen lol.