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EOC - have I done something wrong?


We needed an extra NPM to monitor some devices in a remote location. I was recommended to buy EOC to be able to see both servers in the same console. So we did.

I have now installed it and added the NPMs, but are very dissapointed. 

When I click on a node I leave the EOC website and goes to the NPM that holds the node. I am no longer on the EOC and have to use back-button to get back to it. I belived that EOC showed nodes in its own URL.

The way this works now it is almost useless. Adding that it is not possible to copy views from NPM or APM makes it even worse.

I love SolarWinds products but this was a great dissapointment. 

Am I doing something wrong or is this the way it works?

I can take the job of creating all the needed views, but then I need to stay on the EOC console.

  • Hi, Espen.

    That is actually part of the basic functionality of EOC. The idea is to give you a consolidated overview of all of your SolarWinds servers, and then to allow you to drill down to specific nodes on specific servers if you need to.

    Someone else on the forum might be able to provide some of the best practices and use cases they've utilized in their environments, but I thought I'd let you know this is expected behavior so you're not left wondering whether you've done something wrong.

    Keep working with it, and I hope you'll see it's value.


  • Middle-click works great for me.  I usually have EOC open in one tab and another tab with a custom view on our biggest NPM.  When something goes down at another site I just middle-click (open in new tab) on the EOC page.  That way I never have to leave the EOC page.