What We're Working On for EOC (Updated August 7th, 2020)

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Enterprise Operations Console 2020.2 has shipped, and work has already begun on the next release.  To see details around these updates, check out the Enterprise Operations Console 2020.2 A New Identity or the EOC 2020.2  Release Notes. We look forward to your feedback!  We're currently working on:

      • Enhancements for managing Custom Properties from EOC.
  • Looks like the same roadmap from 2013 but I'll post this here since I posted it on the old roadmap post too.. emoticons_happy.png

    I would love to see AppStack in EOC. We have our Network and storage products in one Orion environment, Server and Virtualization in another and SQL with DPA in a third. Because of the amount of components being pulled within our environment we can't have one monolithic Orion instance. Being able to aggregate the info from all the Orion instances into an EOC AppStack would be ideal. The way it is now we have the AppStack tiers broken into different Orion instances so AppStack simply doesn't work for us as well as it could...

  • Since your considering making EOC a manager of managers for Orion platforms, thats great, but also in the world today, we push our alerts to a 3rd party manager of managers, that has the ability to take inputs from other manager of managers, or from command line, input etc. One with the ability to create custom class structures, and rules, and run commands to act on the alerts and pass them to other 3rd party programs such as interfaces to other tools like helpdesks or paging tools. Has any thought been given to having EOC become a manager of managers that can simply and cheaply accept alerts from several Orion instances as well as other 3rd party sources through some cli interface. IE it's great to have all our orion alerts in one place, but if we have to maintain two managers because of the non-orion alerts then it makes sense for us to never use EOC and manage all our alerts in one place, the one that can handle both alert types.

  • Hopefully the EOC developers are working so furiously on the exciting new version of the product that they have not even had time to post any inspirational wisdom here.

    I second the notion by adamsrb that the new EOC should strive to play well with others... This would help make it a truly "enterprise-class" tool.

  • On the EOC wish list:

    • Internal User Accounts and not just AD based
    • Combined reporting e.g. where common filter combines values across Orion instances. This is required where customers have global deployments and need singular reporting across them
    • Different update method for data
      • large Orion instances with high device counts can hit the data collection
      • 5 minute polling means data is often stale and therefore using EOC within a NOC that provides global visibility is severely impacted
    • Simpler user management
    • NOC view function
    • Custom Property mapping override
    • Combine Alert Central functionality into EOC
    • Change separation of mapping where the need to recreate maps in EOC that exist in NPM is required
  • Changed my mind on this. Roll EOC's functions into Librato and give it a good way to connect to multiple orion instances so we can pull data from all locations including cloud and have metric consolidation to a single point available from anywhere. Get AppStack into Librato and let Librato handle all the reporting and dashboards.

    That's my current theory on EOC...

  • Hi EOC users!  A long time coming, but you can now sign up for the beta of EOC 2.0, which is based on the Orion core.  More details to follow.

  • Any word on EOC 2.0? Still in beta?



  • yes Jim, we've just released new beta2 today. Everybody who signed up to this beta survey: EOC 2.0 Beta Participation Survey will have a chance to try out features from "WWWO post above".

  • Hi michal.hrncirik

    I have completed this survey few weeks ago but still didn't receive anything with regards to trying EOC 2.0. Are you able to advise how do I proceed next to get this v2 package?