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over 1 year ago

Toolset SLX/ALX (unlimited) license

So I get that the idea of the toolset has changed drastically over time as many solarwinds products have matured. It has been around for a long time and deserves to continue to be.

However, we're no longer in a situation where per-seat licenses necessarily make sense. We have 500 IT employees, some of which might want toolset at a certain time and some of which might not. I do not want to deal a volume license scenario, because it is just arbitrary and confusing. I'm also not going to deal with enabling one license and disabling another, or having more licenses than I need or not enough. All of these scenarios are simply not worth effort or consideration.

Allow some sort of an SLX (unlimited) license for toolkit, or make it an option to be included as an SLX license when NPM is purchased. It doesn't quite fit where it sits today that a feature that integrates with NPM in a vague sense simply is going to be on X person's view and isn't going to be on Y person's view solely as the equivalent of a checkbox/licensing matter.