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over 1 year ago

Fix Free TFTP Server Security IP Address Restrictions to Allow a Single IP

An IP range must be at least two contiguous IP addresses -- it is impossible to add a single IP address because the interface complains that the "ending IP address must be greater than the starting IP address." It shouldn't have to be. In lieu of a way to enter a single host address, the software should allow the "ending IP" to be greater than or equal to the "starting IP".

My version is

  • This is still a problem with version 11.0...

    I have a workaround:

    - it is not supported

    - involves editing a configuration file so is somewhat irregular

    - use at your own risk

    - its very simple

    - it works!

    Edit file C:\Users\All Users\SolarWinds\TFTPSettings.xml

    Find the line (example) <IPRange end="" start=""/>

    Change the end IP address to match the start, here, giving:

    IPRange end="" start=""/>

    which is just one IP address

    I tested it and it works.

    Moreover, when you check it in the TFTP server, using File | Configure | Security, it displays correctly and you can even click OK.

    The problem may lie only in the on-line validation.

    Its an essential feature so I hope SolarWinds fixes it.

  • We were able to do this with earlier versions.  We have installed on a 2008 R2 server that we are replacing which as you can see from the image we were able to limit to a single IP address.  However with the latest version we downloaded today (version this is not an option.  Unfortunately, even though we still have the install for the old version, the old version uses an old version of .NET that we will not be installing on our 2019 Server.  Which means we probably need to find a different TFTP server until this option is available with the SolarWinds Tool.