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over 1 year ago

Engineer Toolset: IP address to switch/port trace utility

The idea here is not a full-IPAM, nor a full-SwitchPortMapper. Basically, I would like a real-time query where I enter an IP address (or device name), and then a seed router (a list of seed routers could be made available)m and then press search. The utility then would use DNS, Route tables, PING, ARP, MAC Address tables, CDP, LLDP, etc, to track the IP address down to a switch and port. I do this at least a couple times a month to find out where such and such device is connected to the network. It would be nice if Engineer's Toolset could automate this for me.

It would be nice for the results to be displayed as Switch name, switch IP, port name (including portchannel/vpc member info). It would be nicer if the utility would give a link to SSH into the switch. It would also be nicer if there was a graphical representation of the path to the device from the seed router (much like the Netpath representation). It could also be good, that once the switch is identified, that the utility provides a link to other SW Tools which could work their own magic on the switch (like download config), or map switch ports.