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over 1 year ago

Bring back old TraceRoute

10.8 Traceroute is awesome. And suddenly it has been changed it to regular traceroute in just like in windows without a warning. Not Cool.

Traceroute in 10.8 looks like this


It has SNMP features and some other columns.

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  • All those deprecated tools were build on an old platform. We are working on moving most of the tools to the new platform which will help in adding new capabilities and will be easier to support. We have no intention of removing those tools which users have been using since the Toolset inception. The new tools will have the same look and feeling like the ones you have in Workspace Studio. If there are some functions missing with the new improved tools, and was present before. Please raise a feature request on thwack or bring it to our attention using a support ticket.

    I hope this helped.


    Cliton Godinho