SNMP is blocked

I need to temporarily use the Engineering edition on a connection in which SNMP traffic is blocked. Does anyone know of any work-around?

  • If SNMP is blocked and you aren't the administrator and can't disable it, then you probably don't need to be doing what your trying... The program is pretty usless without being able to communicate via SNMP..

    Lockheed Martin
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  • Yeah I know a way around it, but I'm not going to post it here. Thats not what I signed up on this forum for (help someone hack a router). If your the admin of it, then you would already know the community strings, and if your not then I hope you understand that any savvy network guy is going to be notified of potential intrusions.. Just a thought...

    Dave C.

    Senior Network Engineer
  • Actually it was blocked by the ISP. They didn't appear to allow SNMP traffic.

    It's moot now, we moved to a different connection and everything works now. Thanks for the responses.