solarwinds 8.1 free version


I have the form attached to this post in my database

I want the MAC Address in my form to be transfered to the Wake on LAN Application in its field and so the IP Address of my form to the IP Address field in the application when I press the WOL Button.

This is my Access 2007 VBA Code I am using from  SWWakeOnLan.dll   reference:

Private Sub cmdWOL_Click()

Dim objWOL As SWWakeOnLan.PC

Set objWOL = CreateObject("SWWakeOnLan.PC")

Set objWOL = New SWWakeOnLan.PC

objWOL.MACAddress = Me.MAC

objWOL.TargetIPAddress = Me.IP


Set objWOL = Nothing
End Sub

I get an error in   objWOL.SendWOL    asking me to buy a license even when I am using a free version.

Any suggestions?