Is it possible to run multiple Network Monitor sessions with different nodes displayed?

I have inherited a box that had multiple versions of the Toolset on it.  I have rebuilt the box and installed only version 10.3.  On the old box there were multiple network monitor sessions running, each with a separate list of nodes it was monitoring.  Now that I have cleared out all the older versions, I cannot figure out how (if it is even possible) to recreate this setup.  I am thinking now that the last person who set this up was using only the network monitor app from each of the different versions installed to monitor different nodes (thus using multiple separate databases).

Is it possible to run multiple instances of the network monitor, and monitor different nodes on each?  For example, have one session monitoring external addresses, one session monitoring internal addresses, and another session monitoring other devices?


  • Is there a reason you can't monitor all the devices in one instance?

  • It's definitely possible. I'm not sure why anyone would want to do this, but it's definitely possible. Before I explain how, can I recommend that you look into Orion or ipMonitor for something like this? I think they're both vastly superior to what you have in mind.

    You're probably right about the previous guy running multiple versions of the Toolset to accomplish this feat. However, it's actually easy to do with the same (current) version. All you have to do is copy your existing Toolset directory. The default  is "C:\Program Files\SolarWinds\Toolset". Copy the Toolset directory over and over again for each instance you want to run. Probably naming the directory Toolset1, Toolset2, etc. Then create shortcuts to the applications you'd like to run multiple instances for on your desktop. Add them all to the startup program group so they all launch when you login to the computer if that's what you're looking to do. I even have a trick for getting them to run as a windows service. But that's for another day. Hope this helps.

    Oh, and don't forget to Checkout Orion and ipMonitor. They're both fantastic programs!

  • I would love to monitor them all in one instance, but then I get people complaining things are too small to see...

    I might just have to tell them to live with it though, until I can get a nice 42" or bigger monitor to display things on so everyone can see it!


    Thanks for your response!

  • aLTeReGo,

    I was thinking of something along those lines - thanks for the information.  Unfortunately, Orion and ipMonitor are a little out of our budget for now, so I have to get all I can out of the Toolset for now.

    Thanks again for your response!

  • Hi aLTeReGo,

    I copied over the Toolset folder to Toolset2, Toolset3, etc. as you suggested, but it looks like all the instances are all looking to the same database file to load from, so all of the instances I run are displaying all the same devices, even after I make changes.

    Am I missing something?