Problem uninstalling demo of Wireless

I have the current version of NPM and installed the demos of App Monitor and Wireless Network Monitor. After two weeks of trying them I have decided to buy App Mon but not WNM. I uninstalled WNM and even rebooted my server, but the WNM web page still appears on my NPM home page and the WNM elements I was monitoring are still counting against my total element count.

I also still have the WNM sections on my Top 10 page, even though I went into the Admin page and deleted them. To me, WNM did not properly uninstall and I'm looking for assistance in cleaning this up. Anyone have suggestions?
  • Vance,
    You are correct. The uninstall of the Wireless Management Pack does not remove the web resources at this time. Sorry about that...

    To remove them, delete the WirelessNetworks directory within your web site. This is usually C:\inetpub\SolarWinds\WirelessNetworks

    This will remove all Wireless resources and the tab. If you have created any menu items for wireless, you will need to delete them manually through the Orion web site.