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Query Anomaly Detection

We recently had a query take 10000x longer to complete due to poor statistics plan. We would love the ability to have alerting based on query timing jumping up such a high ammount.

  • That is a really interesting idea.  For SQL server if it is enabled, Query store kind of is intended to detect (and if configured, respond to) plan regressions where a new plan results in sub-optimal performance. But stale statistics would not necessarily result in a new plan. Oracle DB I believe you need to have purchased an additional feature for similar functionality.  So the idea has a lot of merit, especially since DPA is already tracking most queries over time.  I was trying to think how I would roll my own... it is easy to setup a custom metric that would focus on notification for specific query or queries that match a specific pattern, but... notifying for any jumps in execution time for any queries, that would take someone with more expertise than me.  One of the gurus like  might have more insights...