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Index Analysis (including Missing Indexes)

Since databasses report missing index data, it would be nice to see this in DPA so we can associate the largest wait time sql with missing index data.

Provide analysis about current indexes on a table

Show unused or underused indexes.

10/12/16 - changed header and description to reflect the feature better

This feature has been implemented in DPA 12.0 and is now available for download in the customer portal

See these posts for more information about DPA 12.0.

  • I don't understand the reluctance for some to receive index recommendations.  As stated previously, I would rather have the information and determine whether or not to add the index.  While it is possible to add too many indexes to a table, indexing is the key to performance (no pun intended).  As a DBA working on performance issues, your options are to; 1 - rewrite the query, which is sometimes your best option if possible, 2 - change the structure of the database, i.e. de-normalize, etc., or 3 - add an index.

  • Why?  Because essentially it is not needed.   You can determine if it is an indexing issue by looking at the execution plan, and running something like sp_BlitzIndex to see what indexes exist for a table *AND* what's in the missing index DMVs.  Not to mention, the larger the query (i.e. more tables / views), I think it's unrealistic to try and map missing indexes to your query programmatically.

  • That's the kind of the point.  I can run queries for all the wait stats too, but why not show some possible indexes while you are using DPA? 

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