Uninstall and reinstall Solarwinds DPA issues.

I need to uninstall and reinstall Solarwinds DPA.  Upon uninstalling the software, it does not clean up config files etc from the file system, nor does it drop the ignite service.  Should I manually delete these items?

For some unknown reason the application was unable to connect to repo database.  So I dropped the repo database (this is a test instance install, not worried about starting over) and then uninstalled the DPA software.  When reinstalling it, it says that it cannot connect to the repository database, which is because it doesn't exist.  

It does not give me the opportunity to create a new repo database.  If I could do that, I would try it out.

In lieu of that not being possible, I'd like to do a clean reinstall of the product, but the files are all hanging around.  

Any suggestions?

  • I suggest following the steps in the DPA Installation Guide which also contains detailed steps to upgrade as well as uninstall.  If you want information on how to change or move the DPA repository - try this KB

    Since it sounds like you may have things in a half-in/half-out state and you don't need or want to retain any of the config information, repo data etc.   I'd go through each of the documented uninstallation steps again for your OS whether it is Windows or Linux.

    Make sure that all DPA services are shutdown first. After following the guide for full uninstallation, you should be able to reinstall the DPA software.

    However, license keys and license migration and reactivation are a different matter.  If you didn't follow the uninstall guide by 1st deactivating all your prior licenses and license keys before beginning any uninstall activities, you may not be able to reuse/migrate them. If after you have accomplished getting the DPA software fully uninstalled and a new DPA installed and you aren't able to activate or deactivate your license key(s), you will need to contact SolarWinds license management support in order to rectify the situation.

  • Thank you.  I was a little leery on manually removing the program files, but that is precisely what the uninstall directions say to do.  Once that was completed it was smooth sailing. 

  • Glad to hear that it helped and you are up and working again!

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