30-day Anomaly Detection chart in DPA?

Can't seem to be able to generate a "30-day Anomaly Detection chart" in DPA referenced in Find and investigate unusually long wait times (anomalies) article.

How do I display 30 days of "Anomaly Detection"? When I try to expand the timeframe to anything over 5 days, it says "The date range can not exceed 120 hours."

DPA v.2022.1.7777.


  • Ah thanks for posting that additional detail - the 120 hour (5 day) limit on anomaly detection explains why I couldn't generate a 30 day chart like the docs describe.

    It's disappointing that the current DPA version restricts anomaly detection to just 5 days. For many use cases, being able to see anomalies across a longer 30-60 day period would be much more useful.

    Hopefully this is just a temporary limitation that will be expanded in an upcoming DPA update. For now as a workaround, it may help to run separate 5-day dew point chart anomaly detection queries on consecutive weeks to visually identify any outliers over a longer timeframe.

    But I'm still interested to hear if any other DPA experts know of a way to produce true 2024 anomaly charts currently. Thanks again for reporting this issue! Being able to compare anomalies across a full month is extremely valuable for performance monitoring.