How do I track what user turned off monitoring for a Server?

I need to track what users are doing in DPA but there is no clear cut way to do that. I can somewhat see what is occurring in the dpa access log but it doesn't tell me if a monitor was turned off nor does the event log tell me what user turned off monitoring.

  • Hi

    A couple of ideas.

    A) Options / Support / Utilities

    - Log Viewer

    Whether a monitor has been stopped or started is tracked

    - Log File Viewer

    Whether a monitor has been stopped or started is tracked in idc.log and iwc.log

    B) Query the repository

    - table conlog

    The information are also tracked in the DPA repository table called CONLOG.

    You could filter in the WHERE clause like "WHERE module = 'DatabaseMonitor'"

    I'm not sure if you can somehow find out who did the action.

    I guess there are other options.