Problem creating a Linux 'service' to handle startup

I'm really enjoying running DPA on Linux, but the main thing I was missing was a 'service' that starts and stops the DPA service.

For this instance, I'm running DPA 2021.1.889 on Rocky Linux 8.4. Rocky behaves nearly identically to CentOS (which is very similar to Red Hat).

I created a new /etc/systemd/system/dpa.service file with the following contents:

Description=Database Performance Analyzer (DPA)

ExecStart=sh /var/opt/solarwinds/dpa_2021_1_889/
ExecStop=sh /var/opt/solarwinds/dpa_2021_1_889/


This 'service' file should allow me to use systemctl start|enable|status|stop dpa like a 'regular' Linux service.

However, this doesn't really work for me.  I send the calls and the service never starts.  If I execute the script "traditionally" it starts fine.

I'm missing something here and it's outside my knowledge.  I'm asking the smarter Linux people here for help.

Thanks THWCKsters.

  • First off I noticed you had a typo in line 15, mulit should be multi.

    I also found this service file on GitHub and updated line 7 and 8 with the correct path of my DPA install. So far so good.

  • Yep - I totally missed that typo (not unusual for me after a long day on a keyboard).  It's funny how much we've gotten used to the squiggly red lines to point out our missteps.

    I swapped that out, changed the paths and it's still not working for me.  At this point, I'm being an absolute SolarWinds nerd and monitoring the executables via Orion and then building a script to execute the service if it sees it's not running.

    It's super rare that I have to worry about this since it's in a VM and I just pause/save the VM if I need to do things and spin it back up it afterwards.

    I appreciate the assistance, but I think I need to tear into the and a little more since it's been 5 years since the GitHub example was published and several things have changed.  Thanks for the assistance!