sqlserver metrics - dm_os_threads

is there any way we can details on the thread counts that we see on the UI from the database. we are using DPA to monitor sqlservers and would like to get the dm_os_threads and dm_os_workers.

I can get the data in the UI. For my analysis can we get the same level of details from the database dpa_ignite...

Please let me know


  • Which resource metrics presented in DPA are you referring to or have you created a custom metric to collect dm_os_threads and dm_os_workers? 

  • i dont think its a custom metric...If you click on resource tab and CPU you will see dm_os_threads and dm_os_workers chart

  • I have asked around to verify that those metrics are custom metrics that somebody created. You can verify that by going to Options -> "REPORT, METRICS & ALERTS" and clicking on "Custom Metrics". You will see a list of metrics that you can edit/adjust and likely you will see your metrics there.

    But back to the original question, on how to get "details". I'm not exactly sure what details you mean.

    But assuming that you want to query the collected values for that metric directly from the DPA Repository database, you can use this article https://thwack.solarwinds.com/product-forums/database-performance-analyzer-dpa/f/forum/11383/custom-report---metric-values as a guide.

    Note that unlike DPA out of the box metrics, the MetricName in the script for custom metrics will not be the display name. Custom metric names are assigned an internal "System ID" name of CustomMetric-# - i.e., CustomMetric-1, CustomMetric-2, ... To find the System ID assigned to the metric for use with the custom report, edit the custom metric and in the upper right corner you will see System ID: <name to use>