Register Postgres DB via SSH Tunnel

Is there a way to make DPA use a ssh tunnel to connect to postgres DBs I have in aws? Any postgres tool I've ever used (pgadmin, dbbeaver, datagrip) has the option to connect to the DB this way. 

  • basically you have to do it via a 3rd party tool for now. Here's how i did it in powershell: 

    Kick off SSH forwarding via powershell
    ssh -i .\abc11111.pem -fN -L
    ssh -i .\abc11111.pem -fN -L
    ssh -i .\abc11111.pem -fN -L

    Validate that it is listening on port XXXX (5555,5556,5557 above)::
    netstat -anovb | findstr LISTENING

    connect DPA instance: to port XXXX (IE: rdsinstance 1 is 5555, 2 is 5556, 3 is 5557, etc..)