Clarity on which DPA to download to replace 2019.4.1054 with same version with a resigned version?

I have read the DPA KB Article on issues related to the revoked code-signing certificate. We need clarity on which version I can download to replace our existing 2019.4.1054 version with a like version so we are not affected by the certificate revocation. We are not able to upgrade our DPA as we are still monitoring SQL 2008 R2 servers and that functionality was removed in 2020.2+ updated versions.

The KB mentions 2019.4.1058 but I am not finding that version or the version I am on in the customer portal. 

The Customer Portal also shows updated file dates for 2021.1.775 and 2020.2.474, but not for the other versions. Are those dates expected to change to when they are rebuilt with the newly code-signed certificate or should we assume the builds posted are already good to download?


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  • Sorry for the confusion. When displaying the version number in the DPA UI, the 3rd set of numbers displays the build number instead of the service release number. It is the opposite in the Customer Portal where instead of the build number the service release is provided. We're working on correcting that in the future to avoid further confusion. 

    To answer your main question of what to download, the customer portal option of "2019.4.1  01 APR 2020"  is the same release as "2019.4.1058" mentioned in the KB article.  The release number and timestamp in the portal listing did not change because we did not rebuild the release, we only updated the embedded certificates.

    As long as you have downloaded "2019.4.1  01 APR 2020" since January 5, 2021 you will get the updated certificates.

  • Thanks for your feedback. We've also just updated the KB Article to reflect the difference in the customer portal download name with the service release number (2019.4.1 01 APR 2020) from the version displayed in the DPA UI with the build number (2019.4.1058).

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