Custom report: Top SQL per machine


New to Thwack, new to Ignite (now know as Database Performance Analyzer).

I'm looking for a way to create a custom report that shows me the top SQL over a period of time for a single machine.

Something like Custom Report - Top SQL for a Machine | thwack, only that is an example for Oracle SQL and I'm looking for Microsoft SQL.

As I have no idea where to begin, I'm looking for some help.

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  • Oh ok glimbeek, so you're looking for any queries that execute from AP001 onto DB001 which we are monitoring, but AP001 does not house the DB itself and is not being individually monitored either.

  • Hi glimbeek,

    I edited the post above yours to contain the fixed syntax, thanks! I've since then got SQL installed on my local instance and did a little more querying. Is this closer to what you were looking…

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