How do I use DPA to Scan my Database or Network for Slowness?

Please note that I am not a Server or Database guy.

  • DPA has a metric called Round Trip Time that will ping each of your registered instances per the set interval of the metric.

    This basically does a select from the database which should spend next to no time in the database itself (so a proxy network latency metric).

    Note though that this will only "watch" your network between DPA and the monitored instances, no other infrastructure.

    For database slowness, well this is what DPA was specifically built for.  Here is a decent overview of DPA for SQL Server.

    If you are on another platform, let me know and I can direct you to specific content.

    After watching the overview, reach out with any other questions.

    I might add that SolarWinds has a LOT of network products that can watch for performance. NPM, NTA, and NCM are some (or we offer bundled packs).

    Check out IT Management Software & Monitoring Tools | SolarWinds  and hover over the Products view to see all of the available network product.

    Since you are not a server or database guy, do you mind if I ask what role you are fulfilling?

  • Hi mandevil,

    Thank you for the insight.  I am more a network guy but fairly new to Solarwinds.  I work for a company that already had Solarwinds implemented before I arrived.  When I log into the web console I can see that DPA is in the ribbon so it must already be installed?  How do I go about trying to use it?  Is it a separate program, on the server, or can I launch it from the Orion web console?  Please advise.

  • Ah, I see. DPA is currently a separate product, but we integrate with Orion using DPAIM (DPA Integration Module). That integration module will install with SAM by default (unsure about other modules). I sent you a PM to get some additional information so I can research what you guys own... We'll handle that part offline.