Help me find Oracle specific alert metrics in DPA 9.1

I hope someone can help me here. For a few months we had DPA 9.0 up and I was setting up some alerts for our databases. I remember after selecting the type of alert and once in the create alert page, being able to drill down into a very vast set of parameters to choose upon. For example, there were about a dozen or so metrics related to Oracle Streams replication like latency on propagate, apply, etc.. as well as a dozen or so on components of Data Guard, and close to a hundred Oracle specific database metrics in total. My co-worker and I were very excited to these as we figured we'd set up alerting via DPA as it would be easier than through EM12c; however, some fires came up at work and we got pulled into working on some major production issues, so we never actually set up those alerts, but were amazed to see all the metrics that are possible.

I then upgraded DPA from 9.0 to 9.1 and then went to set up these Oracle specific metric alerts. However, I ran into a major problem:  I can't find them anymore! I just cannot remember the cookie crumb trail I went down to find all those Oracle metrics. I'm beginning to think they took them away in 9.1 to simplify things, or perhaps there is a bug. Have any of you in the community set up any of these detailed metrics to alert upon? The closest I can come now is to select Alerts>Manage Alerts>Resources>Single Resource Metric>Create Alert>Select a resource metric  This will take me to a drop down list that is similar to what I saw, but is limited to a set of resource metrics instead of all possible metrics like Streams, DataGuard, etc... Perhaps it was under Administration instead of Resources, but all I know is that now I cannot find it. Please help if you know what I'm talking about and how to get there, and if so, what version you're on. I'm going insane trying to find these metrics! Thanks for any help you can lend... emoticons_wink.png

  • Might you be referring to setting up custom alerts/metrics?  9.1 actually added some additional alert, none were removed.  I'm not familiar with canned alerts/metrics that you describe, so wondering if someone in your shop set them up as custom?

    Take a look here and see if this is the content you were looking for...  Database Performance Analyzer

    You can see the different categories on the left side of the page.

  • Thanks for replying. Actually, these were canned as I am the only one who has the privilege to create a custom alert or report. And like I said, these were "all" Oracle database metrics that were populated in the drop down list box that was so long you had to do lots of scrolling to get from one end to the other. I just can't remember how I stumbled across it... This is so frustrating!

  • Hi Jimmy,

    I wonder if you were looking in the Resources area (Alerts/manage alerts/ resource ).  We havent had Oracle streams in the products before, but if you have them setup in the custom metrics the would show up here.  Select "all metrics in a category".

    Take a look and let us know if you find what you were looking for.


  • EUREKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DPA users (And SolarWinds staff) Please take note that I am not crazy and DPA does offer the capability I was talking about, but apparently I'm the only one who knows it... (Maybe I should come work for SolarWinds). These alerts are found under "Alerts>Manage Alerts>Wait Time>Total SQL Wait Time for Single Wait>click Search next to Wait Event"  Please observe the graphic below and take notice of how many there are just for Streams alone and how small the scroll handle is - there are over a hundred types here that I can set alert upon. And, to add to these few hundred, I can make it into the thousands by choosing "Advanced Options>DB Instance Options>(select database)>Wait Events", from here, I move these detailed wait events to and from Excluded Wait Events/Monitored Wait Events. So, DPA is very powerful in that it will let me set up alerts on all components and internals of Oracle!

    My mistake was I forgot that they are under wait events and I had it in my head that it was a metric (like you do with EM). But as far as I'm concerned, a wait event is even better! Enjoy!


  • Thanks for posting back so we had the answer.

  • Glad you found it!!  And, yes, we're always looking for good people!  emoticons_happy.png