DPA Custom Metrics - Hiding tabs on non-applicable SQL Server Instances

Hi all,

I've set up a custom metric that does a SQL query to find out how many users have registered in the past day from a specific application database.  This query only applies to one of our database instances.  The idea is that we can use this metric to see a trend in user activity and compare it with resources being used.

This is specific to only one instance, but the tab for this chart appears on the Resources page for all of our instances.  I can choose an instance that I want to exclude and disable collection data in "settings", but it looks like it just turns off polling.  The tab still appears. 

I want to keep our resources pages across instances as clean as possible.  Is there a way to have the tab only appear on one (or more, if we have other custom counters) instances' Resources page?

Thank you,