Gathering diagnostic information for unplanned DPA Server terminations

If the DPA Server is unexpectedly down, follow these steps to detect if it crashed and to also gather diagnostic information to provide to SolarWinds Support.

  1. Review the content of this directory and see whether there are files with *.mdmp and *.log extensions.
    • Go to <DPA_install_dir>\iwc\tomcat directory
  2. Look for the following files. (<number> will be different based on the process id of the DPA Server):

    • hs_err_pid<number>.log

    • hs_err_pid<number>.mdmp

  3. If the files are present, this indicates the DPA Server crashed instead of being cleanly shutdown. Gather the following information:
    1. Go to the DPA home page.
      • Take a screenshot
      • Write down the DPA build number you are currently running. The build number will be in the upper left-hand corner and look something like 2020.4.699
      • DPA Server Build Nbr.png
    2. Gather all DPA Log files:
      • Navigate to the Options page
      • In the bottom Support section, look at the Downloads area on the right and click the "All Log Files (Zipped)" button. 
      • Gathering log files.png
      • DPA will conveniently gather all the pertinent log files into a *.zip file
    3. Contact SolarWinds Support and provide:
      • The DPA Server build number and screenshot 
      • All the hs_err_pid<number> files that you located 
      • The zip file of all the DPA log files