Custom Report - DPA user role report

In DPA there is an option to set custom privileges and roles to a DPA user. This is discussed here

What is some cumbersome in DPA however is getting an audit of these custom permissions for a large list of users. In the options menu under User administration the view only shows the users or groups and then a role of "custom" to see what each user or group has you have to click into that user or group. 

Example in the below I can't see what Limit_test1 has for rights until I click that user. 



The following query can be run on the repository to see these roles for the users in DPA should you need this info in a list format. 

d.NAME [Server_name]
,u.NAME [user_name]
,cug.NAME [group_name]
from CONUSER u
inner join CONUSERPRIVS up
on u.ID = up.USERID
left join CONUSERGROUP cug
on cug.ID = up.PRIVID
inner join CONPRIVDEF pd
on pd.ID = up.PRIVID
Inner join cond d
on up.TARGETID = d.ID