how to exclude profiler bars and tuning adviser bars from the dayle top sqlstatements?

brief problem: I have to run profiler and tuning adviser on one of server which had issues with performance. Then all day bars was "top sql statements" was crashed. How I can exclude these statements from the bars to view real waits without tuning plansand not need to viewsql hash?

  • You can tell DPA to exclude SQL statements for a particular SQL hash.  So right after you start your profiler or tuning adviser, if you are getting a consistent hash for the activity, you could tell DPA to ignore it henceforth by running the following T-SQL against your repository database.

         INSERT INTO con_qp_exclude VALUES (<DBID>, 'H','<HASHGOESHERE>','S');

    Just replace the DBID with the ID from SELECT ID, NAME FROM COND where name = <INSTANCENAMEQUERYEXISTS>. Then place the hash of the query you want to exclude in <HASHGOESHERE>.

    But if you have already collected the data, that’s not going to help. And if the hash changes, it also won’t help. You might also consider using the monitoring blackout feature but then you will then, of course, not be logging any data.