querying orion database: what table links iis app pool to vm it lives on?

Hi,  I could not find a section on the forums that was specific to querying the orion database.  I have figured out how to identify what vcenter is connected to what datacenters and clusters and what hosts live under the clusters and what vm's live on the hosts.  But if its a vm that has iis installed i cannot figure out how to identify which iis app pools and sites live on what vm.  can anyone give me a hint as to what table or area to look for this in?

  • i think i figured it out..not sure if this is the proper way to do it but initial result set looks promising

    select s.name as sitename, a.id, ap.Name as apppool, v.name as vmname from APM_IisBbSites s
    inner join APM_Application a on
    s.ApplicationID = a.id
    left outer join APM_IisBbApplicationPools ap on
    ap.id = s.ApplicationPoolID
    inner join [VIM_VirtualMachines] v on v.NodeID = a.NodeID