What We’re Working On for Database Mapper (Updated June 1, 2021)

We are extremely excited to have SolarWinds Database Mapper join the SolarWinds database solutions portfolio. Database Mapper is a solution complimentary to SolarWinds database monitoring solutions. It can be used for automated database documentation, or it can be deployed to bootstrap a complete data governance practice. Your comments and feedback are vital. They help ensure our product efforts align with the problems you need to solve. Please feel free to ask us anything about our plans for Database Mapper here.

  • Licensing:
    • Licensing management for on-prem deployment of Database Mapper is being updated to use the SolarWinds License Manager
  • Installation
    • Dependency on IIS is being removed in favor of self-hosting
    • We’ll be providing in-app assistance to ensure prerequisite libraries are in-place for data sources
  • Scale
    • We’re preparing Database Mapper for peak performance and stability at massive scale
  • Experience
    • We’ll be improving the UI for large scale users with focus on search and defining data dictionary
  • Platform Support
    • We are constantly evaluating potential new data sources

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