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Viewing Multiple Monitors

Other remote tools have the capability to view multiple monitors at the same time on one screen. You don't have click "monitor 1" or "monitor 2" etc. Please take this into consideration for a future request. I am sure it is beneficial for all support personnel.

I have submitted a case to support, however this feature is not available. Case # 00621492. 

  • Hi there,

    This has been a feature since well before SW bought Dameware.   I've been a Dameware user for over 10 years and I can confirm you can in fact view multiple monitors at the same time on one screen.

    If you look at the toolbar below, you will see what it looks like when you access a computer using 3 monitors. You can see displays 1/2/3 and V. Click on V and you will see all three monitors. 

    Dameware Toolbar.png

    If you have multiple monitors, it will initially stretch out as much as it needs. If you want to bring it into one monitor, you will need to adjust the size either manually, or using the sizing options to the left of the toolbar.

    Only caveat is when you do that, the image obviously will get squished as you are combining multiple displays into one screen. The smaller the display, obviously the less readable it will be.