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FEATURE REQUEST - [Dameware Server] Better ActiveDirectory Integration

In Dameware Server, I have see that the users can be imported... but is not helpful and not very secure since all users have same password...
For more explanation about the security issue :
- When I import a massive users from AD, all password in Dameware server will be the same
- A malicious user can be use any username to connect to dameware without explicit authorization…

I Want to link real ActiveDirectory users with Dameware Server...

for example:

- Integrate (in dameware server) a user password that able to read active directory

- Configure an active directory security group with Dameware Rôles

- when authentification request come to the serveur, Dameware Check if user is belonged of the security group.

- if yes, user is valid...

Thanks a lot for your product

Sébastien Stauffer

  • olgo13, luphisto and prot3ctor, we are working on formal Active Directory integration for DameWare and will soon be having a private beta to get feedback on the functionality and usability to ensure it meets the needs of our customers.  If you are interesting in participating, please DM me via thwack.

  • Please add this future, in large organization use two different password for AD and DRS is not good solution.

    In case other product of SolarWinds like NPM have this options.


  • Same here.

    Because of the missing Active Directory integration, we decided continuing using standalone installations without Dameware Server. It would be nice to see this feature in future releases.

  • I'm going with you m8. Active Directory integration is mandatory in our company.

    I am glad for the license feature coming with the centralized server, but our admins and help desk users need to use DWMRC on the fly. Using a different security database for accounts according to their Active Directory accounts is not that great.

    Having a security group for Dameware would be the best way. If this cannot be made license wise, then let us map those licenses directly to Active Directory users or find another feasible way.

    Anyway thanks for this tool - we use it since v6.9 and its still great