RunAs not connect on computer hard drives - Admin Share

When I connect to Damware Remote Support with RUN AS DIFFERENT USER, everything seems working well EXCEPT Disk Drives. If I try to connect on it, I got error - don't have permissions.

If I open DRS with admin user account (start it regularry) I can open Disk Drives normal.

It seems like DRS not pass-thru "RunAs Different User" credentials to Drives admins shares, and try to use logged user credentials. And if that user not admin, it cannot connect to disk drives.

Again, it seem that all other options works well with "RunAs Different User" credentials.

Please check it...

  • I'm not sure I fully understand the environment but certain things like file explorer, control panel, etc. cannot run in a different user context. You'd see a similar situation if you try right-click then run as on a program that's in a network drive mapped under the current user's credentials. The solution is to map drives etc. in the context of the run as user.