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CSV import option to auto-fill the Customer Details for computers with agents

Currently, you have to manually fill in the customer details for computers that are added to DRE. I'd like to see some type of import option where I can set up a .csv file to map to the desired fields in the CUSTOMER DETAILS section of the Technician Console.

For example, I can export a .csv file from DRE that includes the computer name. Then, I can fill in fields and import it back into DRE and that information will populate within CUSTOMER DETAILS:

Computer, Name, Customer #:, E-Mail:, Computer Description

ABC123-DESKTOP, Jonathan Smith, <blank>,, Dell OptiPlex 5040

YAS456-LAPTOP, Jerry Mouse, 123456,, Dell Latitude E7490


This would be super helpful as I would be able to search for a computer by more than just the name of the PC when a user reaches out for help.